Typography on the Web

Graphic Design II Students are embarking on a unit of study on Typography.  Typography is the art and science of letter forms–the creation of and use of fonts and words.

Design by Martijn Boskamp , Netherlands

Below is a selection of websites dedicated to the subject of Typography.  Be careful, you may become a font snob.

Typography Served – A gallery of examples of Typography-based projects and new fonts.
We Love Typography – Another beautiful gallery of type design examples.
Butterick’s Practical Typography – Home of Typography in 10 Minutes

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Boyd & Morgan Digital Photo Final, June 2015

Go for it!!  Best of luck.  You can do this.

Click here for the Multiple Choice Part!

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Make-up Test

Go forth, and pass!!

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Digital Photo Test

Use the following link to take your test:

Click Here!

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Kinetic Typography


https://vimeo.com/11321555 – Idiocracy

https://vimeo.com/40263909 – Elbow Grease

https://vimeo.com/56917056 – Be Water

https://vimeo.com/63269534 – Brian Regan

https://vimeo.com/22872736 – Look at me!

https://vimeo.com/30661000 – Steve Jobs

Richard Swarbrick – Painterly animations

Music Video – Animation over Live Video

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Letterform Archive Inspiration

Graphic Design II is setting out on a mission to visualize six word memoirs in poster form.  While imagery is featured prominently, the real star of this show are the words. Words. Typography.  Font. Letterform. Design.

I offer up this site for a little inspiration.  http://letterformarchive.org/

Letterform Archive

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Resources for Final Exam Practical










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