Spring 2016 Digital Photo Final

Click here:  EXAM

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Graphic Design I – Friday 5/20

Hello, Graphic Design I!  I have some gorgeous, amazing, award-winning posters for you to look at. Some of them are minimalist, some are not, but they’re all worth looking at and getting inspired by!

What you’re going to do is look at them all!  Then, you’re going to pick 2 or 3 that represent your ideal style.  Meaning, which of these look like what YOU wish YOUR designs looked like.  Explain why?  Be specific.  What about them do you love?  Style? Color? Lettering?

Email your responses to megan.boyd@motsd.org



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Graphics II – Layout Insipration

Click below for a collection of layout inspiration from Behance:

Clicky Clicky

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GD1 – Collaged Gig Posters

Follow this link to inspiration examples!

Collage Posters on Behance

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Graphic Design I Things to think about.

Today, you will read two articles and answer questions (3-5 sentences for each answer) about each one.  I suggest you use google docs to type up your answers, because microsoft word freezes in here. If you use word and you lose your work, you will still be responsible for it.

  1. Article 1: Robots Are Coming for Your Jobs
    • Question 1: How could a computer replace a graphic designer?  How would this be better for businesses?
    • Why wouldn’t a computer be able to do what a human graphic designer does?
    • What part of the article did you find the most interesting?
  2. Article 2: Design Jobs of the Future
    • What is one of the jobs listed and described that you could imagine yourself doing? Why?
    • What is one of the jobs listed and described that you would not want to do? Why?
    • What is one of the jobs that you don’t believe will come to be? Why?

Print out and turn in when you’re done.

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