A Wiki Full of Links

Hello, folks.  My classmates and I have collaborated on our first Wiki.  We pooled our resources and posted a guide to some of the Education and Technology blogs we’ve been following, complete with our adorable “textbook” rating system, with graphics by yours truly.   Creating a Wiki was pretty interesting, and I am kicking a few ideas around for how I will use one in the future.  And not just for posting my expert knowledge on things either, a la Wikipedia, but for organizing people and information.  A wiki would be a great way for Mount Olive teachers to organize our (No) Talent Show, Marauderfest.  We could post our skit ideas / scripts and stage requirements.  How would you use a Wiki? 

Here are the links I contributed to my Group 3 Wiki
Tech & Learning
The Art Teachers Guide to the Internet (Now all I need is the Art Teachers Guide to the Universe and I’ll be all set)
Bucks Art Teachers’ Blog

Please do enjoy!


About Megan Boyd

Teacher of Graphic Design I & II as well as Digital Photo. I live in Room B207.
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One Response to A Wiki Full of Links

  1. Andy says:

    Using a wiki to organise a show is a great idea. I’ve helped organise many performances and haven’t thought of using a wiki to bring all the pieces together. This could be a great resource for our shows too.

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