Evaluating Websites

My Walden Resources this week provided an excellent and (more importantly) practical tip for helping students of all ages examine a web page critically to determine whether or not its content can be trusted. Teacher Beth Phillips shared her ABC method, wherein a student looks to find and evaluate the following information:

A – Author
B – Bias
C – Content
D – Dates
E – Editor

This information is not only critical to establishing credibility, but should be looked for on every site, but everyone, not just students. And detecting bias might be one of the most important skills we can teach our students today, the future voters, employees, leaders and tax payers of tomorrow! Below is a link to a video I created while examining a site using the ABC method, as well as part of Alan November’s equally useful REAL (Read the URL, Examine the Content, Ask about the Author / Owner and examine the Links.) The reason I did not scrutinize the site using both methods is to avoid redundancy.

Click Here for Video Note: Please view in Internet Explorer.

Megan Boyd


About Megan Boyd

Teacher of Graphic Design I & II as well as Digital Photo. I live in Room B207.
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