Computer Graphics 12-1-11

Hello!  I am out today, but I have an assignment for you!  We are going to pause the current logo project because I’m not there to show you how to trace in illustrator.  So, instead I want you to visit this site:  and choose one of the ten logos mentioned to work with.  Read the description of the company and think about what their logo is doing wrong or what kind of imagery would work with what they do and who their target audience is. 

By the end of the class, turn in 10 sketches for a new logo design for one of the companies.   It does NOT have to be based on the current logo, you can change it completely!  You’ll be handing this in for a grade, so do a nice job!  All materials are in the back of the room.



About Megan Boyd

Teacher of Graphic Design I & II as well as Digital Photo. I live in Room B207.
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