Re-branding an Existing Company

When a company chooses to completely abandon their logo and create a new one, they are taking a big risk.  Will existing customers still recognize and trust this company after completely changing its appearance?  Often, a company chooses to re-brand (change their logo) if they have gotten a bad reputation and want to present a ‘fresh’ face to the world; to turn over a new leaf.  Sometimes, companies re-brand to show that they are keeping up with the times and not stuck in the past. 

1. Start with choosing a company, school or organization (different from the one you just completed). 
2. Find out what that company does and who their target customers are.
3. Then to 10 TOTALLY DIFFERENT sketches for ideas for a new logo.  This does NOT need to have any relation to the existing logo; it should be completely new. 

Here are some examples of a complete re-branding from Brand New.  Whether or not they’re an improvement is for you to judge!




About Megan Boyd

Teacher of Graphic Design I & II as well as Digital Photo. I live in Room B207.
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