Experimental Photography

Digital Photo!  You shall be embarking into the wild world of experimental photography!  You have to choose between four options–the same four tutorials we watched when out of the room for construction–and I’ve posted them here to refresh your memory.

1. HDR – High Dynamic Range Photography

Using this technique, you take a series of photos, bracketing your shots so that you meter for a different part of your picture each time.  Then you combine the pictures together in photoshop, making one big super picture where each part of the picture is represented optimally.



Here is the link to the tutorial, which uses one photograph instead of several, but alters each element in the picture separately to achieve similar results.

2. Double Exposure

When creating a double exposure, you take two images and overlay one on top of the other, so that both are viewed simultaneously.


Florian Imgrund via http://ThisIsColossal.com

HHere is the tutorial to refresh your memory:
Watch on YouTube

3. Long Exposure *

Long Exposure is when you take your picture over a longer-than-customary amount of time.  I put an asterisk ** next to it, because you need to investigate whether or not your camera can take long exposure pictures before you commit to trying this technique.  You will also need a tripod or a stable place to put your camera while you shoot.


image by Paulo Brandão – exposure time: 124 sec

Here is the link to the tutorial we watched:
View on YouTube

4. Tilt Shift

Tilt shift photography is best done with a special lens, but can also be achieved through photoshop techniques.  Tilt Shift makes objects seem unreal, like they are made of plastic or are very tiny.  It is best done with objects people know to be large, and when the picture is taken from above.


Heres the link to the Tutorial we watched:

Watch on YouTube

So there you have it.  Pick one and go for it!!


About Megan Boyd

Teacher of Graphic Design I & II as well as Digital Photo. I live in Room B207.
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