Links and Documents

Class Documents
Here you will find all of the documents and links we use for class!

Digital Photography

Flickr Group

Download the Google Slides on The 10 Rules of Composition





Digital Photo: Introduction to Photoshop Video, Part 1
Digital Photo: Introduction to Photoshop Video, Part 2

Long Exposure Photography Video on Youtube

Long Exposure Tutorial on Youtube

Tips for Portrait Photography
Tips and Examples of Portrait Photography
Photoshop Tutorial for Re-touching skin on Youtube

Shutterspeed and Aperture Explained on Cambridge in Colour
Shutterspeed and Aperture Explained on Youtube










Graphic Design I

Logo Presentation


Pen Tool Exercise – Introduction

Pen Tool Exercise – Illustrator File


Intro to Illustrator Template

Graphic Design I Rubric – Flyer
Illustrator Skills Score Sheet

Art of the Menu 
Restaurant Proposal Sheet

test_ 1457

Illustrator – The Basics Tutorial on Youtube

Illustrator – Type Basics on Youtube

Illustrator – Tutorial on the Pen Tool on Youtube

Graphic Design II


Video about typography designs

Anatomy of Typography Site
History of Typography on

Poetry reading and writing class poem September 2015

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